05| Balancing nutrition for a healthy pregnancy and beyond, with Corina Saramet

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Corina Saramet, from Womb Nutrition, joins me on this episode to delve into the world of nutrition during some of the most important, beautiful, and challenging stages of a woman’s life. With a background in health and nutrition, she’s been helping women navigate pregnancy, postpartum, and assisting parents and caregivers in introducing nutritious foods to their babies while nurturing adventurous eaters.

But what sets Corina apart is her personal journey, as she became a mother of two lovely boys. Her passion for helping others during these life-changing moments stems from her own experience and the realization that nutrition plays a pivotal role in the well-being of moms and their children.

At Womb Nutrition, Corina’s approach centers around real food, grounded in evidence-based information, and enriched with the wisdom of traditional practices. She takes into account each individual’s unique context, making her services a holistic and nurturing experience for her clients.

On this episode, Corina shares insights on her work as a nutrition consultant, and we explore the vital topics of nutrition for conception, pregnancy, postpartum, and lactation . We also discuss what it means to work with nutrition consultant, how it usually works, and Corina shares some general advice for women before and during pregnancy.

I loved recording this episode as it brought back very fond memories of my pregnancies, and I hope you will enjoy it too!

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  • Taking charge of your fertility: information that is available in different other places, but the fact that the book summarizes it all is helpful.
  • Woman code: Healping you know better your menstrual cycle and diving deeper into what foods and when to eat them;
  • Real Food for Pregnancy, Lily Nichols: a must for all pregnant women.

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