10| How to raise multilingual kids, with speech specialist Liz Vanderbrouk

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If you’re like many expat parents in Switzerland raising multilingual kids, you’ll love this episode!

In this episode, I welcome Liz Vanderbrouk, founder of The Speech Therapist Switzerland. Originally from Texas and now residing in Switzerland, Liz brings over a decade of expertise in speech therapy, specializing in children’s speech and language development, accent modification for adults, and coaching speakers for impactful presentations at TEDx Zurich.

Throughout this episode, Liz offers an in-depth exploration of multilingual speech and language development, unraveling myths and providing practical insights. We talk about how as parents, we can help kids to develop their language, learning and prononciation. We talk about the importance of the quality of language over the quantity of words to learn, the various contexts where kids learn to speak, and all the types of exposure that you can give to your kids. You’ll also hear how a speech specialist can support you if you feel that your kid might need some support.

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