06| Rebuilding Core Strength after birth: Maude Baechler and the Tupler Method for Diastasis Recti

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Meet Maude Baechler, a former professional dancer, a pilates teacher, entrepreneur, and mother, who shares her inspiring story of transformation and how the Tupler Method became a game-changer in her life.

Maude helps mothers build strength in their core and teaches them how to fix their diastasis Recti by following the Tupler Method.

In this episode, we explain what diastasis is, how it impacts women and what can be done about it. But we also discuss managing a career as a mother, building a network in a new country and more.

About Maude:

In her earlier years, Maude Baechler was a professional dancer, having performed in cities such as London and Rotterdam. After a few years, she decided to take a break from the world of dance and pursued her studies at the Lausanne Hotel School, gaining knowledge in diverse areas such as marketing, finance, and entrepreneurship for her future professional endeavors. Following her work in various cosmetics companies and the birth of her first child, she realized the need to reconnect with her body and her desire to move once more. She subsequently became a Pilates instructor. However, after the birth of her second child and receiving numerous inquiries from her friends about ‘how to close their diastasis,’ she conducted her research and discovered Julie Tupler and her technique. Maude takes pride in being a trainer in the Tupler Technique and a Pilates/Barre instructor today.

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