08| Building Resilience: A Path to Improved Mental Health for Busy mums, with Anisa Zafar

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In this episode, I’m thrilled to welcome Anisa Zafar, a certified meditation teacher, resilience mentor, and intuitive painter. Anisa’s passion lies in guiding women toward inner peace and clarity amid life’s hustle. With her expertise in meditation, resilience, and creative expression, she’s dedicated herself to helping busy moms find balance and well-being in their lives.

During our conversation, we talked about how mums can learn to slow down and become aware of repeating patterns in their life that create stress. Anisa shared her definition of resilience and how to build it on a daily basis. She shared steps you can take to become more aligned in life, by looking into your life desires, questioning yourself and using practical tools and techniques along the way. We talked about meditation, journaling, coaching, creativity and art, all with the objective to look atfer your mental health.
I have to say, just listening to Anisa has a soothing effect in itself, she is so calm and composed – hope you enjoy the episode.

About Anisa:

Anisa was born in Iran, lived in Italy and France before moving to Switzerland 7 years ago. She is a meditation teacher and trauma/stress management coach, an artist and a writer.
Her passion us to help women to slow down, find their harmony and balance, live with more confidence and avoid burnout.

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