11| Mum’s guide to happy careers: Embrace Your True Self, with Agnieszka Stalder

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in this episode, I’m talking to Agnieszka Stalder, a former engineer turned certified transformation and wellness coach, and the founder of the Clarity Catalyst Program. Agnieszka’s story is really inspiring, a story of courage, self-discovery, and the pursuit of authenticity.. Agnieszka used to manage projects around the world, but she felt something was missing. When she became a mom, everything changed. She felt brave enough to leave her secure job and follow her dreams.

In this talk, Agnieszka tells more about her story, and explains how important it is to choose a job that matches our personal values. She shares stories of how people found excitement and meaning in their work by reconnecting with their values or childhood passions. We also talk about how being true to ourselves and putting ourselves first can make a big difference in our jobs and how happy we feel. We’ll explore how this applies, especially for moms trying to balance their families and work lives.

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