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Welcome to the Working Mums blog!

A dedicated online space for the incredible working mothers of Switzerland who have embarked on the challenging journey of motherhood, far from their home countries and without the immediate support of family.

We understand the unique joys and struggles that come with this experience and are here to provide a wealth of resources and support. Our mission is to empower you, professional mums of Switzerland, to not only excel in your careers but also thrive as parents and individuals.

On this platform, we’re committed to curating insightful and practical content across various facets of your life, including topics like nutrition, organization, well-being, community building, career development, and effective parenting strategies.

A place for ressources and connections

Additionally, we’re excited to invite experts from various fields to contribute their knowledge and wisdom to our blog, ensuring that you have access to the best advice and guidance to navigate the challenges and triumphs of being a working mother in a foreign land.

Join our vibrant community, and let’s embark on this journey together, supporting each other every step of the way as we thrive both personally and professionally in Switzerland.

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Meet the person behind this blog

My name is Christelle. I’m the mum to 2 beautiful boys aged 8 and 13, and wife to a busy CEO.

As a full time working mum for more than 10 years, living in a foreign country without family close-by, I had my share of struggles, including fighting an auto-immune disease, and recovering from burnout.

I developed my own tools and techniques to build resilience, know myself better and find balance again in my life, and you can do the same.

I believe so strongly in women helping each other – this is my big WHY: to help other mums be their better self again. My vision is to create a community where mums support each other, through this blog, and on our Facebook group.

I also trained with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York as a health coach and bring all my life experience to add valuable content on this blog.

Please don’t be shy, I would love to meet you so feel free to reach out and say hello.


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